Mixed Media
John JEffrey was named “john” after his grandfather “johnny desmond”; a famed singer/actor. going by his middle name, jeff has been passionate about the arts since elementary school. always acting, singing, writing, and painting. grew up in a household where creativity was welcome.
     at syracuse, jeff explored many types of productions.; mainstage, black box, or student run projects off campus. also developing a love for playing bold characters; created a series of one m an shows based on his improv characters. 
      Jeff has been in some wonderful shows on broadway, and touring the country, as well as regionally, and in festivals, in NYC.           searching for “the role” that will get him known for his creativity and heart. a hard working actor, never taking one second of performance time for granted. writing music and painting are huge parts of jeff’s artistic expression. always writing and looking for ways to incorporate these facets into his acting. stay tuned for bigger things.
(left): Jeff, as Ren, dips chelsea stock in
footloose -at the north shore music theater
(below, left) - a sound check on tour with high school musical.